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Reports from the battlefield have come and gone with the changing times. From the runners of ancient Greece to carrier pigeons in World War I, information has been the most valuable asset a military force can acquire. In today’s world, people get war reporting on current engagement s such as those occurring in Syria and Afghanistan from news networks […]

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Broadsides of the 17th Century

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A broadside was one of the first forms of widespread printed news. Broadsides are basically one-page sheets of news that often also contained some sort of picture or illustration to depict the message of the article. Most broadsides were set up so that the top part was a “woodcut or copper engraving” of an important, often historical, […]

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Brutal, bloody and heroic

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Siege of Malta wreaks havoc, spreads news. There are some events in history that are simply too big. Their scope, value and relevance are astronomical to the tenth power, and often go unnoticed for subsequent years. As with everything, there are exceptions to this rule: Pearl Harbor, 9/11  and the capture/execution of Osama bin Laden. Everyone […]

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Journalism on the front lines

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War established a pattern of an eager public and a political strategy of feeding demand: a shrewd awareness of the power of the press. In today’s day and age, the press is often covering news on the front lines of war. But the ability to be on the front lines as a journalist was not possible in World […]

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Friendly fires

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War reporting sets public opinion ablaze. “You furnish the pictures, I’ll furnish the war.”— William Randolph Hearst And thus, war reporting was born. The American public is bombarded with war reports. Some call for protests, others for support and all call for attention. The weapon of choice in this information war is photographs, or photojournalism to be more precise. […]

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Media shift leaves war-culture “countered”. The 60s. This decade saw American ebullience and pessimism intersect and manifest in rampant change.  A mere mention of this time conjures up images of sex, drug use, Civil Rights marches and the hippie laden Haight-Ashbury district. But the revolution didn’t stop there. Perhaps the most defining event of the 60s is […]

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Modern war reporting fuels war at home. We’ve all seen the videos. Bald, sullen faced men sporting shackles, orange jumpsuits and fearful eyes. Next to them, knife wielding beasts, dressed in black and holding an executioner’s stance.  The videos end the same– a knife to the throat and the end of a life. This is […]

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DANGER! War Reporting

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Another journalist was killed just two months ago covering war in the Middle East. Mika Yamamoto, a Japanese journalist, was killed when caught in the middle of a firefight in Aleppo, Syria on August 20. She is one of the latest journalists to be killed while covering the civil war in Syria. It is well […]

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What’s Worth the Big Story?

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What’s the latest scoop?! Big story reporting is what the media has always aimed for. Aside from sensationalized stories about anything and everything people would be interested in, the biggest stories always get the front page and the most attention. Presidential elections — like the one we are presently witnessing — are a huge deal […]

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With the recent progression of the Occupy movement, the concept of citizen journalism has become increasingly more interesting to me. This interest, in part, is derived from the recent media attention focusing on police brutality (primarily pepper-spraying) at the Occupy protests. The most recently highlighted attack occurred at the University of California, Davis. Video of […]

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View “War reporting: from Herodotus to photojournalists” on Storify

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Richard Harding Davis

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Reporters traveling with military units did not start with the Iraq War. One of the first reporters who traveled with and reported about the military unity he was with was Richard Harding Davis. Richard Harding Davis had his first reporting job when he was working for  the Philadelphia Record. His stories were those we would consider investigative […]

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