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Broadsides of the 17th Century

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A broadside was one of the first forms of widespread printed news. Broadsides are basically one-page sheets of news that often also contained some sort of picture or illustration to depict the message of the article. Most broadsides were set up so that the top part was a “woodcut or copper engraving” of an important, often historical, […]

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Early newspapers and their stars

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With the rise of print as a medium of distribution, resources to share information such as newspapers, pamphlets and books became much easier to access. This change not only began to keep the public more informed on current events, but also prominent individuals who were involved in them. Prior to this shift, the only household names […]

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When people think of media stars, what comes to mind are the stars of Hollywood either on TV shows, movies, or in sports.  Whether it is Brad Pitt in his new movie, or Lebron James dominating the sport of basketball, these are considered media stars. But who would have thought that one of the first […]

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