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In Peggy McIntosh’s article ‘White Privilege: Unpacking the Invisible Knapsack’ she uses a listicle to describe 50 ways she is privileged. From being able to talk with her mouth full (#17), nice neighbors (#4), and even being late ( #39) she matter-a-factly addresses the way she, as white woman, is privileged.  She didn’t write her […]

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In October of 2014, online sports news website, Deadspin published a story that questioned what U.S. Rep. Cory Gardner has said publicly about his time playing high school football. Deadspin’s story suggested Gardner didn’t play any football, but it was incorrect. Editor Tommy Craggs wrote an apology with the headline, “How Deadspin Fucked Up The Cory Gardner Story.” This […]

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  Recently I read on of the best articles I’d read in a while. Part feature, part investigative it’s a Washington Post article called ‘A Marine’s Convictions’ written by  reporter John Woodrow Cox. It chronicles Marine Maj Mark Thompson, who was accused of sleeping with two students while a teacher at the Naval Acadamy– an […]

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Above the fold

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On March 6th 2016,  Former First Lady Nancy Reagan passed away. Here is what was on the cover major newspapers the next day. Monday March 7th, 2016 Looking at top of each front page, called “above the fold” we can see the majority have a picture and a story about the passing of the first […]

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Journalism isn’t dying

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(The Gutenberg Parenthesis) – its an idea that everything after Gutenberg and the printing press was an interruption to the ‘original’ form of communication, word-of-mouth. In Megan Garber’s blog post ‘ The Gutenberg Parenthesis: Thomas Pettitt on parallels between the pre-print era and our own Internet age’ she quotes Thomas Pettitt, a professor at the […]

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On a tragic Nov. 22 over 52 years ago, Americans were bombarded with the news of President John F. Kennedy assassination in Dallas, Texas. According to Reuters “the six seconds” that ended with the U.S. President’s life, transformed news coverage and the way people perceived the media. The news spread very rapidly.  According to The […]

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Trump. The rise of a demagogue

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  Donald Trump. By now he is arguably the most popular man in America — next to Kim Kardashian and Kanye West, that is. Well what exactly does that say about America? Donald Trump has made his claim to wealth and fame through his various real estate ventures and by way of media. However, this American […]

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The need to be informed

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Humans have always been curious about what is going on around them. Before the news as we know it today, people used to spread tales of events and things in their close environment or far away for different reasons. The information people shared was used as time-filler, diversion and entertainment. It also provided a kind […]

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The Grammy’s is a night to celebrate musicians and award their accomplishments. Viewers tune in to see who wins, who looses, who gets snubbed, and my favorite – the fashion. Any of these things can become viral news in today’s day and age. But how does something at an event like the Grammy’s become newsworthy? […]

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History of News & Coffehouses

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There’s nothing new about a coffee shop. Since their inception they have been a place to gather, exchange ideas, and indulge. A multipurpose space, used for business meetings, interviews, dates, and in the old times (think 1700s )­– news. A quick Google search highlights coffee’s roots and its journey from the Ethiopian forest to the […]

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New and emerging forms of social media are not only changing the way organizations attract supporters, but are also changing the way we look at politics all together. In essence, nearly all Americans have a cellphone or at least access to a computer these days, and the majority of us have evolved to a much, […]

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Broadsides of the 17th Century

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A broadside was one of the first forms of widespread printed news. Broadsides are basically one-page sheets of news that often also contained some sort of picture or illustration to depict the message of the article. Most broadsides were set up so that the top part was a “woodcut or copper engraving” of an important, often historical, […]

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