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What’s Worth the Big Story?

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What’s the latest scoop?! Big story reporting is what the media has always aimed for. Aside from sensationalized stories about anything and everything people would be interested in, the biggest stories always get the front page and the most attention. Presidential elections — like the one we are presently witnessing — are a huge deal […]

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The Dark Ages were a time of religious suppression and conflict that occurred from 400 to 1000 A.D. It was marked by a lack of innovation and advancement, corruption within the Catholic church, and struggles between Christianity and Islam. The two major world religions have been at odds ever since. In recent news, the U.S. […]

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What the World Sees First

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“President Shot Dead,” “Attack on America” “Berlin Wall Crumbles” Headlines like these have been fed to the world since the beginnings of the press and media in general. Always being a front page story, significant news stories that shape the world are the first thing a reader sees when he or she picks up a […]

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You may recall a recent story about a UCLA student who decided to sneak his way into Libya to join the rebels in their fight for freedom. There, 21-year-old Chris Jeon learned how to fire a weapon for the first time before soon being told to leave by the rebels that once welcomed him due […]

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