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Micheal Finkel, once famed editor for the New York Times Magazine, was given the pink slip after “lying in print” in an article entitled “Is Youssouf Malé a Slave?”. Michael Finkel was known for bizarre stories, specifically stories from places considered to be outside the realm of traditional journalism. In reality, the truth had fallen outside of […]

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The Impact of Media; particularly on children By Joshua Aaron Karber Any scholar, academic, philosopher and even politician can tell you that in our society today we are literally bombarded with images and information, and at a level that is unparalleled throughout documented history. Essentially, we are all jacked in to a system of words, pictures, sounds, videos and […]

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On September 17, Mitt Romney was at a fund raiser in Florida when he candidly made some remarks about the American people, unaware that his comments being recorded. Important lesson to the Republican presidential candidate: you are running for president — you are always being recorded. Let’s start with the direct quote: “There are 47 […]

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Bloomberg sees occupiers as pests.

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The Occupy Wall Street protest has surprisingly reached the one month mark. While the media at large still has not validated the protestors, it has taken more notice of them. The protests, beginning on Sept. 17, started as a small grass roots idea. The concept was to get the power of governing back into the […]

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Writing was meant for tortoises.

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Although Thucydides was a very well-respected writer, he would have had no place in today’s world of reporting. Let’s face it. Thucydides was writing the stories of his life not to spread the word of current events, but to give deeper examination of the world in which he was living. Thucydides made literary works of […]

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Occupying Wall Street

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