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Cam Newton

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Although the Carolina Panthers have started the season 0-2, their #1 overall pick is already living up to his legend.

Cam Newton in two games has already thrown for over 850 yards. This has shattered rookie records and he is only the sixth player of any kind to throw for over 400 yards in two consecutive games. It’s a shame he got $13 million less than last years #1 pick Sam Bradford because of the lockout.

Oh yeah the lockout… Newton couldn’t even practice with teammates or even talk to coaches for a few months after getting drafted. That’s why I am amazed at the stats he is putting up.

Cam Newton first TD

Of course stats arent everything, Newton hasnt even won a game yet. That is the most important job of the quarterback, but when you get drafted #1 overall there’s a reason: the team is horrible. Even with Newton throwing for all these yards, the Panthers defense is still atrocious which is why they won only 2 games last year.

Newton worked with Panther QB Chris Weinke after being drafted and it is really showing. Nobody doubted Newton’s physical gifts — He is already big enough and fast enough for the game; the biggest problem most rookies have — but no one expected him to be able to throw the ball so well, something he didn’t do much of in college.

I am truly amazed with Newton’s accuracy already and he can only get better. That’s why I am predicting to see Newton in the Pro Bowl by his third season. Not only that he will be leading that horrid Panthers team to the playoffs sooner than you think.


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