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I’m Donald Trump and I have money, GIVE ME ATTENTION!

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Donald Trump recently released a public address in which he asked for Obama’s education records in exchange for a $5 million dollar charitable donation.

Can we really say we’re surprised? Donald Trump has yet again slithered himself into our countries’ political discourse. At one point last year he even flirted with the idea of running for president. 

Yet another example of the destructive ideology that if you have enough money you can buy a spot within our political sphere and even consider running for president! Sorry Trump, but this seats saved for someone who will look out for everyone, not just themselves.

Trump only has a voice because our mainstream media outlets plaster the front pages with this sensationalized ‘news.’ Thankfully, the only front pages you’ll see this story on are TMZ, E! and other celeb news outlets. Though these stunts give him entertainment headlines, also give him more time on The Daily Show.

This isn’t the first and it won’t be the last publicity stunt we’ll see from Trump but we can all rest assured knowing that he’s faded into a national joke.

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