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Hurricane Sandy takes over NOVA and east coast

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For the last week all of the east coast has been bracing themselves for Hurricane Sandy, which has adopted the nickname ‘Frankenstorm’. The category one storm is expected to cause severe damage and possible evacuations. Schools, jobs and many businesses have been shut down Monday and Tuesday, unsure if they will reopen Wednesday.

Satellite image of Hurricane Sandy

As the worst of the storm is fast approaching, more than 9,000 flights have been canceled and put a halt on many travelers plans for the week. Towns like Ocean City, MD and the Outerbanks in North Carolina are getting hit hard, already resulting in several deaths and destruction of homes.

The main northern Virginia airports Dulles and Reagan have cancelled all flights Monday. There are expected cancellations and delays to continue into Tuesday as well.

Hurricanes are not common in the DC area where it is expected to hit hard. Residents have gone into a panic stocking up supplies and essentials, clearing out stores in the area.

So far New York and New Jersey are getting the brunt of the storm, already experiencing extreme flooding, while New York City had begun evacuations of low lying zones as early as Sunday morning.

Hopefully this storm will die down or pass quickly without too much serious damage, but it looks like for now Halloween week will be spent indoors.

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