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Propaganda on the big screen

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While a true-to-form propaganda film has not made it into American theaters for many years, there are still films being released today that critics equate to propaganda.

Avatar, the immensely successful 3D epic released in 2009, had its fair share of criticisms and critiques.  There were many who said it was a blatant rip-off of Pocahontas. Others, like Nile Gardiner, claims it is “the most expensive piece of anti-American propaganda ever made” in this blog entry for The Telegraph.

In his post, Gardiner says, “When I saw the movie last night in a packed theatre, I was disturbed by the cheering from the audience towards the end when the humans – US soldiers fighting on behalf of an American corporation – were being wiped out by the Na’vi.” While many would argue that the U.S. military portrayed in the film did have it coming, this was a major departure from the usually pro-American bias in films.

From there, the list goes on; Transformers, Shooter, The Expendables, Act of Valor, and so on.  Many of today’s American films, particularly action films, are said to contain at least elements of propaganda.  Who the target is varies between films; sometimes it is pro-American, sometimes it is anti-American.

Even though these films are more about explosive entertainment than indoctrination, it is still important for viewers to be critical of the images they see and, hopefully, form their opinions on U.S. and world politics outside of the movie theater.

Here is a humorous list of movies laced with propaganda.

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