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Propaganda: Another tool for the Government

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Propaganda dates back to 1622 when Pope Gregory XV first used the term in establishing the Sacred Congregation for Propagating the Faith. The terms primary definition was to propagate beliefs and doctrines… until the First World War.

Propaganda expanded immensely and began influencing people’s attitudes towards a chosen subject, in this case, the war. By displaying facts selectively it manipulates human emotions, which can cause irrational decision-making, but as propaganda spread throughout the years, the truth began to suffer. It ensured that the people only got to know what their government wanted them to know. That the people would think in the way that their government wanted them to think.

As time progressd the form of propaganda evolved. Moving from motivating Americans to fight for their country to motivating American to follow what the government wants.

The times we live in today are filled with propaganda techniques that are more harmful than beneficial. What’s worse is that it is easier than ever to spread headlines that are not accurate. To wake up everyday and having to ponder if the news you watch and the papers you read are not part of some bigger plan to influence you into liking or disliking someone or something that the government selects. Unfortunately, all propaganda is now is another tool in the shed for the government to get what they want.






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