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The isis strategy

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Isis is a militant terrorist group that aims to create an Islamic state across Sunni areas of Iraq and Syria. Recently, they have been sending threats to the US and Britain whilst expanding their extremist group bigger and more globally than ever before. But how are they doing this? Propaganda.


Isis is using sophisticated strategies to spread their rebellious movement. They have been latching on to subjects with huge amounts of interest so their message can expand more rapidly. An example of this is when they latched on to the Scottish independence referendum because it was so widely popular at the time. Other forms of distribution is the use of twitter, Facebook and YouTube videos that are terrifying.


Isis distributes videos of their message by using popular subject hashtags and forums. These videos are not amateur made or look like some guy picked up a camera and started recording, no. These videos are well produced and thought out that when watched captivate an audience by striking qualities of valuable news such as conflict, emotional appeal and being unusual.


Whatever Isis is doing, it’s working. Not only is the US having trouble with combating Isis’s efforts to spread their message, but also I believe the US is being outdone. The Isis’s propaganda is outpacing US counter efforts.

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