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Today’s front pages: what do they have to offer?

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For those of you who experienced the Newseum in Washington, D.C., you know about the newspapers in the front of the building.  As soon as you reach the Newseum, the front cover of different newspapers from across the country are on display.

The point of the museum doing this is to show how each paper talks about different subjects that affect that area.  Not every paper is going to say the same things unless it is an event or subject that affects everyone across the country or worldwide.

A newspaper printed on a certain date in one city will not have the same front page as another paper in another city the same day.  For example, today’s date, 9/21/09, the San Diego Union-Tribune reported on regulation of taxi cab safety in the city of San Diego.

Three major newspapers from Europe reporting on different topics for same day

Three major newspapers from Europe reporting on different topics for same day

In a city that has more open space and more land, such as Lewiston, Idaho, would report on something different.  The Lewiston Tribune reported on planting trees across the state for their front page.  It just goes to show how different two national papers could be.

Just because most of the time papers report on different subjects does not mean that there could be a time where almost every major paper across the country or worldwide could report on the same thing.

A day that comes to mind would be 9/11/01.  For those who experienced the Newseum, one might remember the section dedicated to 9/11.  In this section, there is a part where many papers from across the world are hung up against the wall from this day, all reporting on the same thing.

Newspaper headlines that reported on this tragic event

Newspaper headlines that reported on this tragic event

Did people react differently to 9/11 on the West coast compared to New York City and the East coast?  How and why do people react to news differently?  It is all about where they live and what they interested in.  I am sure that most of America reacted the same to the 9/11 terror, but New York City was no doubt impacted the most.

Whether you live on the East coast or West coast, from the north or the south, or from anywhere different, whatever the subject is, the reader will be interested in what the front cover has to show.  It just goes to show how different people can be from different areas and how different their interests are.  This is how different communities see news differently from each other.

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