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The touch, the feel of newspaper

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There is a lot of talk of the newspaper going into extinction.  The internet can give us everything we could ever want for free with the click of a mouse.  So then why would we possibly miss the newspaper?  One answer:  feel.

There is nothing that feels quite like a crinkly newspaper, rustling as you flip it open.  Made from recycled paper and wood pulp a newspaper glides between your fingers like an old, lucky dollar bill that you’ve kept for years.  Though it may seem insignificant, it’s invaluable.

The old reasoning was that you can’t take the Internet to the bathroom, but with the invention of Smartphones this fact is no longer true.

There is also the current need to be “green”.  By buying a newspaper you are, in theory, contributing to the waste of paper.  However, part of the concoction is recycled paper and if all newspapers increased the percentage they would turn it around and save paper.  True, the Internet will always be the “greener” option, but can it replace holding it in your hands?

I continue to argue that nothing beats the sight of a bold headline in print or the literal feel of that unique paper.  Sure, sometimes you get a little ink on your fingers – but that’s the stain of news.

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