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Syndication in Newspapers

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When the 20th century arrived, Journalism enters the print syndication world.  Print syndication are articles, columns and comics are made available to newspapers, websites, and magazines. Print syndication often reprints  articles and publish them on paper and online with copyright consent.

Newspaper companies like the Tribune Company, the New York Times, and The Telegraph Media Group Service are examples of print syndication in today’s journalism landscape.  However,  like newspapers, syndicated newspapers rich history goes back to the pre-20th century days.

In the Washington area, the Washington Post had its own syndicated newspaper called the Washington Post Writers Group. This syndicated newspaper is owned by Kaplan, and was publish in 1877, the same year the Washington Post was created. Today,the Post writers groups owns over hundreds of local newspapers, television stations, and websites around the country.

Cartoons, and comic strips have been a tradition for syndicated newspapers since the 1800s. Famous cartoonist such as Jack Elrod and Charles M. Schultz became very popular with their cartoon work.

So what does the future hold for syndicated newspapers? Will it fade out just like other small newspapers? Or will it survive within the next decade due to its presence in big market such as Chicago, New York City, and Washington D.C? These questions could be answered within the next decade or so.

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