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The first ethnic newspapers

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Benjamin Franklin, printed the first ethnic newspaper, Die Philadelphische Zeitung, in 1732.

The Zeitung was the first German newspaper printed in North America. Unfortunately it failed before 1732 ended.

Printing the Zeitung provided the German immigrants with a publication where they could access news easily through their own language.

Nowadays there are still German newspapers floating around the United States.

Some of them include Amerika Woche, Aufbau and  The Atlantic Times (sounds American, but it’s a free newspaper from Germany).

Cover of Amerika Woche, courtesy of www.echo-media.com

There are also several German magazines that circulate through North America including Das Fenster, German Life and German World.

Cover of German life, courtesy of www.germanlife.com

Even though there is so much news accessible throughout the world via the internet, there is still a demand for ethnic periodicals, evidenced by the still alive German newspapers and magazines.

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