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Celebs above the Law?

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When ever stars like Lindsay Lohan and Paris Hilton are in trouble with the law it is all you see in the news. However when artist suck as clifford joseph harris jr AKA TI and Dwayne Carter AKA Lil Wayne are in trouble you only see it in rap specific media.

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Paris Hilton and Lindsay Lohan are constantly in trouble with the law and never serve any jail time. However, TI and Lil Wayne get caught up with the Law one time and both serve a year in jail.  Shouldnt it be a bigger deal in the media for the celebs that are doing the time not getting away with the crime.

People that dont follow Lohan or Hilton know when they are in and out of trouble because it is on the news and in magizines. However most people know nothing about Lil Wayne or TI or why they are serving time.

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Shouldnt people want to see what celeb are paying the for thier crime and not what celeb can get away with it every time. We like to know celebs can be on the same level as us and not be above the law.

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