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Murdoch Plans Digital Newspaper

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The “wall” just moved a little further again. Media mogul Rupert Murdoch recently revealed that he is planning to start a daily digital newspaper exclusively for tablet devices like the iPad.

WWD.com reported that the new “newspaper” will be called The Daily and is expected to cost about a dollar a week or four bucks a month. The Daily is set to be released on tablet devices in early 2011. Originally, Murdoch and his team wanted to name the paper The Daily Planet, but could not get the name rights from DC Comics, which uses the name as the fictional newspaper where Clark Kent, aka Superman, works.

To put this massive project into motion, Murdoch collected a team of newspaper veterans from around the country from various news institutions like The New York Times, The Sun and ABC News.

Murdoch believes that tablet devices are the future of media and journalism, and I agree with him. Once devices like the iPad become cheaper and affordable, he believes that every member of the family will have one. (Hopefully, that means I’ll be able to afford one soon.)

This is why it bothered me this weekend when I was hanging out with some friends who were arguing that journalism is dying. No, print journalism is dying, but digital journalism is just beginning. Mr. Murdoch, I may disagree with your political view points, but at least you know when get with the times and help develop the future as it happens.

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