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The new “I’m sorry for your loss.”

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Twitter  and social media in general has revolutionized we do just about everything.

Twitter is the quickest way to send out a thought to a mass audience. At any given moment there are millions of people constantly checking their Twitter timeline. Not to put a damper on things but celebrity deaths and Twitter have completely changed the way we approach the death of our idols or someone in the spotlight. No longer to people read the obituaries in the newspaper. Let’s use Steve Jobs as just one example.

photo via: AP/Sakchai Lalit

In 12 hours after the death of Jobs was announced, over 2.5 million tweets were sent out regarding his death (via salon.com). It average 6, 049 tweets per second, surpassing the 2011 Super Bowl and the news of Osama bin Laden’s death. I first found out about his death via Twitter as well, within seconds both my Facebook newsfeed and my timeline on Twitter were filled with tweets everyone sending out their condolences, retweets of his death from different places and how he revolutionized the technology world.

What’s most interesting is that even though sending out an individual tweet instead of giving someone a hug separates us, it brings the global community together. You could search Steve Jobs on Twitter or Google and in seconds can see what just not your friends or the people you follow are saying but what someone in Japan using his iPhone thinks.


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