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Why is fake news so popular?

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The Onion.

How is it so popular? I have never appealed to it, but maybe I’m just a weirdo who focuses on reality. A satirical newspaper is so unnecessary to me. We already have SNL poking fun, lets leave the news medium we love so much alone.

Maybe I’m just jealous.

This article on Yahoo! made me think why The Onion is even around. Something so close to libel is read probably just as much as The Washington Post, or The New York Times online sites.

I know there is no way to get rid of this fake news, but I will still keep wishing. Sure it can be entertaining, but a well written hard news story should be just as entertaining. Though that is not always the case. Anyway, humor should be left to the comic section of a respected area newspaper; not some stupid fake online source that basically just causes problems.

I’m surprised nobody has tried to get rid of The Onion. I do understand their rights, but they have caused plenty of confusion, even forcing investigations, according to the Yahoo! report.

Hopefully that’s enough to make someone try to shut it down, before it goes a little too far and causes some real damage.

Here is the latest video sure to get some people angry.

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