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Should traveling be banned from nations with Ebola?

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There has been so much talk of the deadly virus Ebola. Many people think that if Ebola spreads in the U.S., it will destroy the country. People also bring up the fact that it will be worse than AIDS.

Surprisingly, some people think that if the U.S. bans flights from Liberia, that would prevent Ebola from spreading in our country. West Africa and specifically, Liberia, are the center and birthplace of Ebola. Many Americans do not want to be infected by the deadly virus. They want to instead, ban all the incoming flights from Liberia to America. People believe we should be protecting ourselves and the people of the U.S.

On the other hand, some disagree. Is it even possible to do that in today’s advanced world? Some believe it would be inhumane to do that. That basically means the U.S. would not be allowing some people to come because certain people in that country or area are infected with Ebola. It also means that we would be forcing people into quarantine. Not only that, it would mess up the whole aviation system.

However, there are many people who are traveling from the Ebola nations to other countries, to get to America. The man who died from the Ebola infection in Dallas, TX, traveled from Monrovia, Liberia to Brussels, Belgium, then to Dulles International Airport here in Washington D.C. and finally, to Dallas. Would banning flights from Liberia be beneficial for the U.S.?


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