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The future of traditional television

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Once upon a time if you wanted to watch a movie you went to your corner cinema. If you wanted to watch TV, you’d sit in front of a big box and watch what was playing. If you wanted to hear the newest music you would wait and listen for it on the radio.


The Internet has consequently altered every aspect of that once upon a time.

Now everything is personalized, now everything is “on-demand”, now everything is interactive. So the question remains, what will happen to traditional television, as we know it?


Neilson reports determine that the amount of time spent in front of the TV has declined only slightly and according to a business insider article, reports indicate that there is no sign of TV spending slowing down. In fact, television is growing more in absolute dollars than the size of the entire digital video industry.


But the fact of the matter is there are very few reasons that people are still sticking with traditional television. Two of the most important being lack of exclusive live events and reliability concerns.

  •  Exclusive events such as live TV shows, sports, breaking news reports and so on.
  • Reliability concerns entailing that there are still issues of delivering without hiccups.


However, fixtures to these minute issues are on the way!

Cable companies such as Dish network have recently struck groundbreaking long-term deals with companies such as Disney, ESPN, and ABC that grants dish the right to stream live linear television over the Internet. Although this is a work in progress, it is a step in the direction of altering the need of traditional television.


Additionally, Netflix recently announced $1 billion in revenues in the first quarter alone of 2013 and has released a mission statement of where it’s at, where it’s trying to go and how it will get there. Basically, they mentioned in their report that in the coming decades internet-based television will outright replace traditional television.


And so a quote that sums it up best,


“While most are wondering when the Internet will come to television, I believe the real question is: when will traditional television come to the Internet?”




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