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Modern day propaganda

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Propaganda – information, especially of a biased or misleading nature, used to promote or publicize a particular political cause or point of view.

From our childhood education until now, we all were taught and learned the art of propaganda used in the past for war efforts. Events such as Hitler unifying the efforts to condemn Jewish people, The U.S. entering world war II and so on.



But as time has progressed and technology developed, distribution of propaganda has changed.

In the past, propaganda had to adjust its intelligence among those it addressed. It was a form of art and expressed emotional ideas through a psychological form. There must always be a slogan, which would unify the piece and complete the effect.

However, today people have wised up to the actions of the media and government. Now the government has to be more deceitful and sly than ever before. How does the government do it? Easy. They know the “right time, right place” to express information needed as well as “wrong information, wrong time as well”

Example of this would be the attack on September 11th. The stir up feelings of the hatred of Iraq the Foreign Office issued a wide collection of documents that showed human rights abuses by Saddam. All of which were already known but brought to light at the right moment to make it appear that when the war came it was motivated by human desire. Again, It was the “right time, right place.”

Another example:

In May of 2002 Dan Rather was interviewed in Britain. He commented about the patriotism of the U.S. How journalists feared asking the tough questions about 9/11.

His broadcast in Britain never made it to the U.S.

As technology has developed the efforts of propaganda has also developed. It has gained a lot more power to affect people than it ever has before.

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