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Change is hard in any period and time. It means a different thing to each person. Many societies resist change because of the unknown tomorrow; many see it as a glimpse of light in the darkness of their lives, while many others see it as a threat to the stability of the only world they […]

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In 1455, Johannes Gutenberg created something that changed his world forever and helped shape the society we live in today. Though many may already know this creation was the Gutenberg Bible and that his invention was movable type for printing presses, ask those same individuals to name another fact about Gutenberg’s life and they will likely […]

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History of News & Coffehouses

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There’s nothing new about a coffee shop. Since their inception they have been a place to gather, exchange ideas, and indulge. A multipurpose space, used for business meetings, interviews, dates, and in the old times (think 1700s )­– news. A quick Google search highlights coffee’s roots and its journey from the Ethiopian forest to the […]

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