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The abolitionist movement

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abolitionists and the underground railroadjpgThe main goal of the abolitionist movement was to achieve immediate emancipation of all slaves and end racial discrimination and segregation. It didn’t become as intense until 1830. In the decade before that, religious movements arose, stressing the moral imperative to end sinful practices, like slavery.

In 1831, William Garrison began publishing his famous newspaper, the Liberator, which was supported by free African Americans. Two years later, Garrison and 6 other delegates met in Philadelphia, to found American Anti-Slavery Society. This society was against slavery and portrayed it as being a sin that must be abolished immediately. They also endorsed nonviolence, and condemned racial prejudice.

Activities by this society sparked hostile responses from the North and the South. snippet-liberator-masthead-crop-2Violent mobs became extremely dangerous, especially for those who were writing about banishing slavery, like Garrison and Elijah Lovejoy. After Lovejoy was killed by a violent mob, people became to fear speaking up against slavery.

The movement ended around 1870. The society didn’t rest until its mission was complete. It wasn’t until the 15th amendment was passed that the American Anti-Slavery Society declared their mission completed (The 15th amendment extended male suffrage to African Americans).


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