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Jeffrey Toobin and the O.J. Simpson defense

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Every crime reporter has the “story of the century”. Little did Jeffrey Toobin know, his story would represent one of the most significant crime reporting stories in the history of the free press: the coverage of O.J. Simpon’s defense. O.J. Simpson was charged in the 1994 deaths of Nicole Brown Simpson and Ronald Goldman. The O.J. Simpson trial stood as a landmark for crime coverage. Never had a case occupied so much of America’s attention.

It was not only a question of crime, it was a question of race. Toobin covered the trial of O.J. Simpson over the span of eight months. As a reporter for the New Yorker he would cover the defense strategy for the O.J. trial, led by Robert Shapiro. As his involvement in the trial grew, the O.J. Simpson trial became a national sensation.

Jeffrey Toobin would become the center of attention after Robert Shapiro revealed to him his strategy for O.J. Simpson’s trial. They would attempt to use “the race card”, claiming that O.J. Simpson was the victim of subsequent racism. According to Mashable, Shapiro would use the “race card” to make claims of official misconduct against the law enforcement individuals present in the investigation. Jeffrey Toobin published the “race card” story in the New Yorker, subsequently making his name in press history.

“Everyone in the courtroom was obsessed with it; everyone outside the courtroom was obsessed with it; my family was obsessed with it. It was just all-enveloping.”- Jeffrey Toobin

In an interview conducted by Mashable, Jeffrey Toobin stated that he was appalled at the outcome of the case. He stated that O.J. Simpson was “so obviously guilty”. Additionally, according to US weekly, if Jeffrey Toobin could ask O.J. Simpson one question, it would be “why?”. More specifically it would be why he chose to use the “race card” when he had “so obviously” committed the murders.

O.J. Simpson did not receive a conviction, and was acquitted in 1995. O.J. Simpson is currently serving time for the armed robbery of a sports memorabilia store. The O.j Simpson still captivates American Audiences. A new FX show entitled “American Crime Story”, tells the story of the O.J. Simpson trial and the subsequent proceedings.


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