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MVC’s: most valuable celebrities

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By: Jessica Farley If your vote for Barack Obama meant that you could watch Will Ferrell eat garbage, would you do it? As the dust settles around one of the most media-saturated election seasons to date, it has become clear to many that this election would not have been the same without a few celebrity […]

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By: Jessica Farley We are unable to escape them. They pop up on television, in magazines, and on billboards during the morning commute. They are everywhere. No, I am not talking about the Kardashians. I’m talking about anti-smoking PSA’s. Educators of media literacy have found a way introduce campaigns against the tobacco industry into the […]

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By: Jessica Farley   Twitter. Love it or hate it, there is just no escaping it anymore. And while some use Twitter simply to see what Kim Kardashian ate for lunch, or what the latest #firstworldproblem may be, it is also undeniable that Twitter has become an increasingly useful and popular medium for breaking news […]

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By: Jessica Farley An election year means a multitude of things for the masses: less than personable campaigners pestering you during your lunch breaks, an overflowing influx of “politically active” celebrities, red and blue cardboard signs peppering the side of the highway, and in recent years, the demand for unbiased media coverage. It seems that, […]

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By: Jessica Farley Who doesn’t love a trendsetter? Better yet, who doesn’t want to be a trend setter? When it comes to the founding fathers of media literacy, it is hard to dispute that John Culkin lead the pack. Culkin paved the way for today’s media literacy scholars, and ultimately shifted the way our society […]

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Paperboy blues

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By: Jessica Farley As Christian Bale once demonstrated in the cult classic “Newsies,” being a paper boy is not a job to be taken lightly. For years, the paperboy has been a symbol of hard work, youthful determination, and American values. However, in today’s world of Kindles and Twitter, the paperboy is rapidly becoming nothing […]

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