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Texting has become our way of communicating to multiple people simultaneously. We can talk to someone on Facebook, have a real time conversation, and text all at the same time. While this broad channel allows us to more efficiently spread the ideas and thoughts that we want spread, the time and energy to make these […]

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Blogging throughout history

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How was the first US newspaper, Publick Occurences similar to modern day blogging? Josh Landis and Mitch Butler explain how with the decline of newspapers, blogging has rejuvenated colonial journalism principles in which everyone has a voice.

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Japan wants to pay for bloggers to come visit in an effort to help their tourism industry after an earthquake and tsunami devastated the country this year. The unique move is an effort to show travelers that Japan is now safe to visit — through publicity from the potential bloggers. The plan to give away […]

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Movie rental conglomerate Netflix recently announced that the price of renting films on their site would double by September of this year. Well, September came around and Netflix lost 600,000 members in the U.S. alone. Yesterday, Netflix CEO Reed Hastings sent out an amiable email to all customers announcing the introduction of Quikster, a Netflix […]

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