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The ultimate form of censorship

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As we have learned this semester, different countries have come up with different ways to control the press. The United States has libel, Great Britain has licensing, and France has censorship. All of these methods are enforced through the legal system. Freedom of the press has its limitations. Other countries, however, have more extreme methods […]

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He’s dead, and everyone knows it thanks to the handy work of a few amateur videographers with cell phone cameras and AK-47’s. The rule of former Libyan leader Colonel Muammar Gaddafi lasted over 40 years, and after an eight-month civil war, he was captured and killed by rebel forces. 40 years ago, political power was […]

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We’ve been learning about spoken word giving way to the written word. This past weekend, I went to the National Museum of African Art. I saw this picture: I was totally confused. You may not be able to see it but the script making up the face on the left is illegible Arabic. It took […]

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