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From the tipao to modern-day, China has a history of censorship. It was only over 2000 years ago that the tipao was the main source of news, exclusively for the elite. Now news and communication has expanded to anyone capable of buying a smart phone, even those under censorship. In modern-day Hong Kong, minor protests ensued last […]

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China: Pioneers of Technology

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The Chinese inventions of paper and the printing press are often overlooked by the Western World. However, China was the first country to improve on the paper making process and created the first moveable type printing press, without which journalism would not have evolved to where it is today. Stephens cites A.D. 105 as the […]

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Advancements in technology over the years have helped in the  spread of news.  From Pi Sheng (see picture below) being the first person to use moveable type in 1041 C.E. in China (some 400 years before Johann Gutenburg introduced the printing press to Europe in 1450 C.E.) to the use of blogging by reporters, atheletes, entertainers, and students today (2000’s), technology has opened the […]

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