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The sensationalism Dutchman

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New York City in 1897 was the center of American journalism.  That center culminated namely between the two newspaper moguls, William Randolph Hearst and Joseph Pulitzer. Hearst and Pulitzer were consumed in a  constant media war fueled by sensationalism and reflected in yellow journalism.  Current events fell subject as feeders to the tabloid war.  One […]

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William Randolph Hearst and Joseph Pulitzer had a large influence of the news that people received in the late 1800s.  The news they offered often was not accurate: Hearst and Pulitzer reported on sensational stories, which were usually highly exaggerated or ficticious. The Spanish American War, many argue, may have been started by William Randolph […]

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Yellow journalism, also known as yellow press, is a type of journalism whose sole purpose is to use eye-catching headlines in order to sell more newspapers.  Stories offer news that is hardly, if at all, researched.   Techniques of Yellow journalism include exaggerating news stories and sensationalism. The term yellow journalism was named after the “Yellow […]

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At first, Joseph Pulitzer did not have to worry much about competing with other newspapers. He purchased the “New York World” in 1883 and things were going well. Under Pulitzer, the “World” had circulation grow from 15,000 to 600,000. However, things started to change in 1895. William Randolph Hearst purchased the “New York Journal” and wasted […]

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