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When the word “viral” is used today, we tend to think of a popular Youtube video before we think about the kind of infectious contagion that such videos derived this title from.  Most of the time, viral videos are exercises in the extreme, whether it’s an extremely cute dog or an extremely annoying music video, […]

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Death of a modern-day Gutenberg

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Few people could be considered visionaries of their time. Michael Stern Hart, the founder of Project Gutenberg, could be seen as one of these rare visionaries. In 1971, it was far fetched to imagine the progression of technology to its current levels. Yet, Michael Hart was able to see the continuous need for books and […]

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The Chinese are credited with many inventions that helped change the world. Their “four great inventions” had enormous impacts throughout history.  Two of those great inventions had direct impacts on the dissemination of news. China’s first major contribution to news, however, was not an invention.  It was the domestication of the horse circa 3500 B.C. […]

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