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Radio and baseball grew together

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How radio for baseball sounded in the 1960’s. KDKA took a risk simply by launching the experiment of commercial radio. However, KDKA took an even bigger leap trying to broadcast a sport, baseball, America’s pastime.

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Harry P. Davis had a vision when he convinced his electric company, Westinghouse, to try something that never had been done before. On Nov. 2, 1920, the first commercial radio station, was launched. The station is KDKA, a CBS affiliate that is still running today in Pittsburgh. The first broadcast reported on the returns of […]

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Almost everyone who is a die hard sports fan around the globe has listened to a sports game on the radio before. ¬†Whether it be basketball, baseball, football, or soccer, millions of people listen to sports radio. ¬†The most popular broadcast on sports radio is arguably our national pastime, the sport of baseball. Major league […]

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