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The new face of the NFL

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For any football fans or people affiliated to the DC metro area, the discussion of the Washington Redskins “getting it next year” has become all too familiar. With an amazing history of success throughout the 1980s and early 1990s, the Skins started to fall short in the 21 century. Since 2000, the Redskins have had […]

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Throwing the World Series. The mere mention of the idea was not possible to the growing population of Major League baseball fans. In 1919, the Chicago White Sox, now known as the, “Black Sox,” were acquitted of doing just that despite overwhelming evidence and admissions made by the players involved. What makes this scandal so […]

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Cam Newton

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Although the Carolina Panthers have started the season 0-2, their #1 overall pick is already living up to his legend. Cam Newton in two games has already thrown for over 850 yards. This has shattered rookie records and he is only the sixth player of any kind to throw for over 400 yards in two […]

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Who needs it more?

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September 11, 2011. Exactly 10 years after the terrorist attacks aimed at both New York City and the Nations Capital; the New York Football Giants will travel to Landover, Maryland to face the Washington Redskins. The past decade has been very different for both franchises. The Giants have been to the NFL Playoffs five times […]

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