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Media and modern Norway

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Norway is a relatively small country with a population of around five million and a geographical area slightly less than the state of California.  There are more people of Norwegian descent living in America than in Norway.  Despite it’s small size, Norway is a culturally rich country that has made many contributions to worldwide media. […]

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A saga for every interest

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Norse and Scandinavian sagas can be placed into one of several different categories.  There were the king’s sagas, contemporary sagas, chivalric sagas, Icelander’s sagas, sagas of the Greenlanders, short tales of the Icelanders, and legendary sagas. Some of these classifications resemble modern categorizations of periodical literature. The king’s sagas are accounts of the lives of […]

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When modern people hear the word “saga,” images may come to mind of brawny Vikings heroically battling giant sea monsters, pillaging and plundering their way across unknown land, and drinking mead in the eternal halls of Valhalla.  However, what most people don’t know is that sagas were used as more than just vehicles of fiction. […]

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