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Johannes Gutenberg was not the inventor of movable type, but he is credited with the development of the printing press that would ultimately change the history of the world. Why is he credited with this invention despite the invention of movable type hundreds of years earlier? He created the business-like model that would let the […]

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Cylinder seals were used by the ancient Mesopotamians to press cuneiform writing onto clay tablets and were the precursor to moveable type. They were invented around 3500 BC in the city of Susa, what is now modern day southwest Iran. The cylinders were used as an administrative tool for officiating documents. A person’s seal was […]

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Printing and moveable type

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Moveable type was first used to print by Bi Sheng in China around 1041 A.D. His system of printing was very labor intensive, however. Creating the large ceramic slabs with the details of each character in the Chinese language proved near impossible. Korea tried methods similar to Sheng’s just a few centuries later, but ran […]

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