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For everyone who has ever found themselves using TweetDeck, it is easy to draw parallels between sensationalism and Twitter. For example, when the report of a possible gunman at Virginia Tech hit the Twitterverse in August, sensationalist posts flooded newsfeeds throughout the duration of the day. This caused the incident to be the topic of […]

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There are many reasons to live-tweet. There could be a guest speaker in class or a panel that you are listening to. Beat reporters also live-tweet from sporting events. But can live-tweeting be used for entertainment? Andy Boyle was just a regular customer at a Burger King in Boston, Massachusetts when he overhead a couple […]

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This Tuesday our guest speaker is Jack Censer. Mr. Censer used to teach The History of Journalism and is a fan of the Old Regime French Press and the French Revolution (all according to Professor Klein so if this is not true I refuse to be held accountable). Anyway, one of my themes is the […]

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The velocity of news: a timeline.

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I attempted to create a timeline of the velocity of news. This was not exactly an easy feat but three websites and three new accounts later I finally succeeded. Hopefully. Maybe. The velocity of news: a timeline. While creating this I noticed a couple of things. The velocity of news changed rapidly in periods of […]

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