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Will Hurricane Sandy aftermath effect election outcome?

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Hurricane Sandy was expected to wreak havoc on millions of people, but the delays and shortages that are still plaguing citizens along the east coast are causing unforeseen issues.

New York City and New Jersey seemed to receive the brunt of the storm, with at least 40 fatalities in each state. Much of NYC is underwater while the Jersey Shore was almost completely eradicated. The famous New York City Marathon was canceled only days before it was to take place due to citizens outrage that hotels for runners and visitors would use up power. The marathon would also take away money that could be used for recovery efforts.

With election day only a few days away, many victims of the storm still find themselves without power and with no access to gas meaning no transportation to the polls.

New York City subway flooding

New Jersey Governor Chris Christie made it clear that politics do not play a role in the recovery process from Hurricane Sandy. Christie, a republican, praised President Obama’s swift action in helping victims and visiting heavily impacted areas in the state.

When asked if Romney, who Christie has publicly supported during the election, would be visiting as well, Christie said, “I don’t give a damn.” He believes the election is his last concern at the moment as he tries to help his state.


Effected cities are doing what they can to get everyone to the polls, as every vote counts. Hopefully, after so much devastation, Hurricane Sandy won’t also effect the outcome of the election. As of now though the biggest concern is getting gas and power back to citizens, as well as starting the clean up process.

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