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The Different Elements of Newspapers and Magazines.

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Newspapers and magazines are both considered periodicals, which means they are produced on a regular schedule. But, what makes them so different? Some of the most common differences between newspapers and magazines can be seen through their audience, content, distribution, and design and layout.

1. Audience:

Newspapers have a very broad audience. One newspaper can attract people of different ages and interests because generally newspapers have a variety of information that satisfies most viewers’ needs. However, magazines have a more specific and targeted audience. This is because magazines provide information on usually one specialized topic, such as sports, entertainment, fashion, or art.

2. Content:

Newspapers provide viewers with the most up to date news that is written objectively. Newspapers rely strictly on the truths and facts. Because of this, newspaper writers do not usually have much room for creative expression. Because magazines focus on one specialized topic, magazine writers have a little more room for subjectivity and creative expression in their stories.

3. Distribution:

Newspapers are usually produced daily. After one day, a newspaper becomes old. Magazines do not become old until the next publication, which is usually a week or month later.

4. Design and Layout:

Newspapers are known for having a simple layout and design. The content is usually in black and white, and the style and font is fairly consistent throughout. Magazines have much more visual expression than newspapers because magazines are not subject to one consistent layout. Magazines use lots of color, different types and sizes of fonts, and tons of colored images.

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