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History of the Distribution of News

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40,000BC: Americas are settled. News spreads by word of mouth.

59 BC: spread of news began in Ancient Rome, with the Acta Diurna, made public by Julius Caesar. These were government announcement bulletins which were carved in metal or stone, and posted in public places.

618: tipao, early government- produced news sheets, distributed in China during the Han Dynasty.

1432: letter press is first used by Johann Gutenberg, allowing news to be printed quicker and made larger distributions easier.

1605: the Relation aller Furnemmen und gedenckwurdigen Historien by Johann Carolus (Strasborg) is written – recognized as the first newspaper.

1656: the Opregte Haarlemsche Courant, first published in the Netherlands – oldest newspaper still printed.

1930s: “newspaper cars” distribute papers in Germany.

1940s: United States – newspapers are commonly distributed by newsboys.

File:Newsboy iowa city 1940.jpg

Newsboy Iowa City 1945. Arthur Rothstein

1950s: newspapers can be bought at newspaper vendors and newspaper vending machines, on the streets.

1990s: news is available via 24-hour t.v. channels and the Internet. Paid circulation decreases and advertising has shifted from print to new media.

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