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The penny press revolution

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Imagine something as ubiquitous as a newspaper being too expensive for the average person to afford.  This is exactly how it was for many Americans prior to the invention of the penny press. Newspapers were set at an average of 6 cents per copy prior to the introduction of the penny press.  Because of this, […]

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Evolution of word of mouth…

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The first source of news was word of mouth and till this day it is the most popular, but is it word of mouth or word of font that has become the number one source of news? When you type twitter and news into google you get a million links saying the number one news […]

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A voice for women

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On 8 January, 1868, Susan B. Anthony and Elizabeth Cady Stanton (an editor of the paper) launched one of the best-known suffrage newspapers, “The Revolution” in Manhattan. It was an assertive weekly that advocated controversial issues such as marriage reform, divorce laws, and women’s suffrage.  The paper only survived 2 years, but it gained public […]

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