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The new news apps

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Tablets are the latest craze around the world in 2011. From the iPad, to the Galaxy Tab and now even Amazon wants a crack at it.

Sure these things are cool to play with, but did we really think it would change the face of journalism?

Sports Illustrated last year created what I think is one of the greatest apps ever for the iPad:

This year, even more news apps are being created. CNN recently bought a magazine style app called Zite. Another new app has emerged in recent days called Evri, a topic-based reader app which lets you see more news that interests you, and even tells you what is trending based on Twitter, Facebook, frequency and velocity.

To me, this is no longer a fad. I find myself wanting a tablet and these new apps are not discouraging me. In a few years I wouldnt be surprised if everyone was reading the news off of an iPad.

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