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Movie rental conglomerate Netflix recently announced that the price of renting films on their site would double by September of this year. Well, September came around and Netflix lost 600,000 members in the U.S. alone. Yesterday, Netflix CEO Reed Hastings sent out an amiable email to all customers announcing the introduction of Quikster, a Netflix […]

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Rock the Party!

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Ever heard of the band Tea Party? Of course not, unless you’ve been living in Canada for the past decade or two. And even then it might be a stretch for anyone reading this blog to say “Oh… yeah. Tea Party. “The Edges of Twilight” was a wicked awesome album… eh?” But now these crooning […]

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Muckraking in the 21st century

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While it is easy to assume that the term muckraking only refers to political reporters in the 1800’s, the act is still performed today. A new term has been coined. Investigative journalism is a widespread act of exposure. Instead of reporting a feature story or even hard news, investigative reporters are in the business of […]

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Storytelling: Herodotus to Storify

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To me, storytelling isn’t just orally telling the story. In the age of Zuckerberg, journalists and others practice visual storytelling via applications like Storify. For those of you who need a little reminding of what a Storify looks like, check this one out:

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View “War reporting: from Herodotus to photojournalists” on Storify

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