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Muckraking in the 21st century

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While it is easy to assume that the term muckraking only refers to political reporters in the 1800’s, the act is still performed today. A new term has been coined.

Investigative journalism is a widespread act of exposure. Instead of reporting a feature story or even hard news, investigative reporters are in the business of getting down to the bottom of such issues as corruption, crime (of all kinds) and other issues that are generally kept hidden from the public.

The International Consortium of Investigative Journalists (or ICIJ) is an organization that has journalists all over the world. These reporters share information with each other using tools such as Facebook and Twitter to share information with each other and followers.

The organization claims to save news stations and outlets the trouble of having to send reporters on location by maintaining contact with reporters in over 50 countries. The ICIJ feels that they are providing “understaffed news media in developing nations access to public records” and giving them access to news that is beneficial to them.

The ICIJ states that they are always open to new story ideas. The cool thing is, they are based in Washington, DC. Their contact information is on their website. More information on their background and mission is below.

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