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Storytelling: Herodotus to Storify

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To me, storytelling isn’t just orally telling the story. In the age of Zuckerberg, journalists and others practice visual storytelling via applications like Storify.

For those of you who need a little reminding of what a Storify looks like, check this one out:

[View the story “George Mason University’s Football Club” on Storify]

It’s crazy to see how far we’ve come. Our timeline states that the first concept of storytelling came about in 443 B.C.,

“Greek writer Herodotus works on his history of the wars between Greece and Persia — generally considered the first Western history.”

From then on the timeline mentions the inverted pyramid style, the nutgraph and all those other classic journalistic terms that we know today.

In my online journalism class, we’re taught to try to find the best medium to tell a story. I’ve had experience in telling a story via radio, print and online. It’s strange to think if this was a decade ago, I wouldn’t even be blogging.

This makes me wonder how will storytelling change in the future? What other visually appealing ways will we turn to? That’s one of the most exciting part of being a journalism student today — we get to tackle that mystery.

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