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British newspapers

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British newspapers have come a long since the Licensing Act and censorship of the 17th century. In 2011 there are hundreds of newspapers in UK as well as Sunday newspapers that have taken over. In this blog, I’ll be giving you a little rundown on the top five newspapers in the UK as well as their circulation.

1. The Sun

David Cameron covers the Sun. Image via thesun.co.uk


The Sun is a daily tabloid newspaper with a circulation of 2, 821, 618. The Sun is not only the most popular newspaper in the UK but it also hold the tenth largest circulation in the world. It is owned by News Corp (which is owned by Rupert Murdoch) and has had a long and controversial history. Most recently it has leaned towards









2. Daily Mail

Daily Mail cover. Image via dailymail.co.uk

The Daily Mail is one of the oldest newspapers in the UK originating in 1896. It has a circulation of 2, 050, 139. The newspaper is also the only paper in the UK whose readership is over 50% women. It was originally aimed and still aimed at the middle class market. It also supports the Conservative Party although it sided with the New Labour Party in 2001 when Tony Blair was running.








3. Daily Mirror

Kate Moss's drug scandal on the cover of the Daily Mirror. Image via mirror.co.uk


The Daily Mirror, or The Mirror as most call it is a daily national tabloid newspaper. It’s circulation as of July 2011 is 1,185, 729. The newspaper originated in 1903 as a newspaper for women. It was meant to be frivolous and only cost one cent. The publication also always supports the Labour Party in the UK.









4. Daily Star

Typical Daily Star cover. Image via dailystar.co.uk


The Daily Star is also a national daily tabloid newspaper (seeing a trend?). It’s circulation is 706,757. It originated in 1978 and unlike most newspapers it does not have any political affiliations or show support for any one political party. It’s also had its fair share of controversy with a few covers and have been sued for libel.









5. The Daily Telegraph

The Royal Wedding makes the front page. Image via telegraph.co.uk


The Daily Telegraph, unlike the previously listed papers, reports actual news. IT has a circulation of 634, 114. Founded in 1855, it is distributed both in the UK and internationally.  It is politically conservative and remained loyal the Conservative Party even after multiple wins from the Labour Party. The paper started printing in color on every page in 2008. In 2009 it broke a story that leaked the expenses of Members of Parliament which led to multiple resignations.

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