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He’s dead, and everyone knows it thanks to the handy work of a few amateur videographers with cell phone cameras and AK-47’s. The rule of former Libyan leader Colonel Muammar Gaddafi lasted over 40 years, and after an eight-month civil war, he was captured and killed by rebel forces. 40 years ago, political power was […]

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British newspapers

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British newspapers have come a long since the Licensing Act and censorship of the 17th century. In 2011 there are hundreds of newspapers in UK as well as Sunday newspapers that have taken over. In this blog, I’ll be giving you a little rundown on the top five newspapers in the UK as well as […]

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[View the story “ESPN and the sports coverage revolution” on Storify]

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The future of social media

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Everyone is always looking for next big thing. Whether it be the new gadget, new car, or new social media outlet. Over the past decade, the social media market has grown more and more competitive with seemingly the passing day. Microsoft is looking to add to the competition of social media with a new platform. […]

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