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How smart is my smartphone?

Posted by: | November 15, 2011 | No Comment |

I just downloaded the WordPress app on my iPhone. I’ll preface this blog by saying I will not be making any corrections to my bad typing other than what autocorrect does by default. With no other way to access theninternet I am left holding onto my phone. This is true stream of consciousness typing.

This app is very bare bones. You can do basic things like bold and link, add quotes, click to show more and even add video and photos.

I can literally post on the go, with all the same functionality I would have on a real computer. This is a handy tool for any online journalist who uses WordPress for their blogging platform.


I was able to take a picture and insert it without any hassle. I could also make a short video on my phone and post that.

As a journalist using WordPress a lot, I see it being a handy tool for when you’re on the go.

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