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The 99%, Why is clear, But What Do They Want?

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(Picture Credit to The Arlington Cardinal)

The 99%, occupying Liberty Plaza outside of Wall Street in protest of an unfair, and unstable economy.

They quite determinedly will not leave until they are appeased. But how can Wall Street appease them? By principle it seems that a bribe wouldn’t work. The protesters are calling to repeal the status of a corporation as a person. They even went so far in their protest as to elect a dog to be their leader. The protesters claim that Shelby the border collie is more of a being than a corporation.

Do the 99% plan to camp out for an entire session of Congress though? While the protests have reached a large amount of American cities, and gained the attention of the national and international media, the staying power of the camping protests has to be called into question. While these protesters have a fire in their hearts, the money in their pockets is beginning to dry out. More than one city has expelled occupiers over claims of looting, threats and property damage.

The amount of time that would be required for Congress to properly repeal the nearly 100 year old law giving corporations the status as citizens. The law was originally enacted to keep down trusts in the early 1800’s. The amount of law that would need to be changed and enacted to both repeal “corporate personhood” as it has been titled, and to provide for a stable economic future without it would be a staggering amount even if the American Legislature could agree on every tenet of the bill in the first draft. Are the “Occupiers” ready for a long winter in New York?

The nation has shown its support and sympathy for the demands of these activists. All eyes are on them, and many have asked them what, exactly, it is that they want. While they cite a goal, many have no idea what to do to get to that goal. Even I can see their point and would like to see them achieve a measure of success. The main point I try to make is that one should not offer to repair a roof, and then leave their ladder at home.

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