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The beginning of baseball reporting

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The earliest sports reports date back to 1470 when the Italians wrote about tournaments.  Books, reports, and writing for America’s pastime did not start until 1837 when Henry Chadwick invented the game.

The father of baseball they called him.

Chadwick wrote the first rule book along with inventing all the rules himself.  Surprisingly, he never actually played the game.  During that time Chadwick reported every play in every game.  He went on to publish many books on the game including Beadle’s Dime Baseball Player in 1860, Hane’s Base Ball Book of Records in 1867, and Spalding’s Official Baseball Guide in 1881.

American Baseball Manual


Unfortunately his death came while doing what he loves, reporting baseball.  In 1908 he got pneumonia while attending two opening day games in bad weather.  He created and reported on one of America’s favorite games and left a lot of great history.

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