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A scribal culture is dominated by religious doctrine and authority, while a university culture generates knowledge through education and innovative thinking. Martin Luther, a highly prolific figure that we have studied lately, came of age during a time when university culture was immerging. As he underwent a spiritual transformation from within, so did¬†most of Europe. […]

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Jane Grey Swisshelm

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Born over 100 years before women even received the right to vote, Jane Grey Swisshelm was an influential figure in the 19th century. She worked as an anti-slavery advocate and was a proud supporter of women’s equality. Swisshelm fought for women’s right to own property, leading to the proposal of the¬†Pennsylvania Married Woman’s Property Law. […]

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In 1476, William Caxton (1421?-1492) established the first printing press in England. Upon viewing the wonders of the printing press from his extensive travels in Europe, Caxton realized the value of this modern marvel. Soon, with the patronage of the Royal Family, Caxton would be running off books in both French and English. After setting […]

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On September 17, Mitt Romney was at a fund raiser in Florida when he candidly made some remarks about the American people, unaware that his comments being recorded. Important lesson to the Republican presidential candidate: you are running for president — you are always being recorded. Let’s start with the direct quote: “There are 47 […]

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Professor Klein requested that I write about my experience at the Newseum from Thursday September 20th. At this event I was honored to be in attendance when Noble Peace Prize Winner Aung San Suu Kyi spoke to a group of Amnesty International members. Aung San Suu Kyi is pro-democracy leader in the country of Myanmar. […]

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